Saint Isaac's Cathedral

Montferran spent 40 years building the biggest cathedral in Saint Petersburg. He used a secret technology to make the dome covered with 100 kilos of pure gold shine even 150 years after its construction. What technology was that? Come to find out!

And it definitely is the place to see to be amazed by its glory and beauty. To be even more impressed do not forget to ask us to take you to the colonnade on the top to enjoy the beautiful view of Saint Petersburg from above. And don't forget to count the steps!

Opening hours

Open daily 10.30 - 18.00

Day-off - Wednesday

For white nights (May 1- September 30) we may offer you the evening program of visit till 22.30

Visit to Saint Isaac's Cathedral
is included in:

One-day short tour around St. Petersburg

"One day in Russia" tour