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Vinegret - everyday vegetable Russian salad

Updated: Feb 4

Another easy-to-cook Russian traditional dish is very popular for its easiness, nutrition and very cheerful look. Any Russian canteen will sure offer you this salad for lunch. It might be cooked for everyday meal or might decorate some festival table, especially if you add some herring or salted salmon in it.

Whenever one cooks it, it all gets a bit messy around so I prefer to cook a big bowl to have it made for several days. If you want smaller portion you can minimize ingredients proportionally.


2 carrots

4 average beetroots (picture above has small ones in it)

6 average potatoes (bigger than those in the picture)

8 pickled cucumbers (10-12 cm long - take more of shorter ones)

1 can of pees

1 onion

a bunch of green onions

pinch of salt, pepper

oil (it best goes with sunflower seeds oil)

optionally - pickled cabbage

Boil carrots, potatoes, beetroots "al dente" - it will allow you to cut them all easily and prevent your salad from becoming mashed puree. Remember that beetroots need about an hour to be cooked. Peel all the vegetables except cucumbers: boiled carrots, boiled potatoes and boiled beetroots, onion. Cut all the vegetables in cubes with sides of 1cm (maybe even a bit smaller to make the taste more solid), put it all into a bowl, add pees, salt, pepper, oil (if you ever manage to get Voronezh oil - you will never forget this divine taste). Mix it all up avoiding mashing it up.

Notice that there are various versions of the salad - some people add chopped pickled cabbage, some add apples. There are no strict rules for it - it makes sence because vinegret also describes a mess (even found in someone's head!).

While serving add some chopped green onion on top. Serve with black bread.

Priyatnogo appetita!

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