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They Have Come - Grand Art Salon in Saint Petersburg

"They have come" to Saint Petersburg: 300 artists from all around the world will present their works at a large scale art-salon. Exhibition union "Perm Fair" will show artists from Africa, Europe and Asia along with 45 cities and towns of Russia in Saint Petersburg.

From February 15 to 23rd of 2020 the exhibition-conference center "ExpoForum" will host and exhibition called "They have come" - participants from 15 countries and 45 Russian cities will present their works at the biggest art salon in Russia. The visitors will be able to explore graphic art by Andrey Makarevich (musician and leader of famous music band "Time machine") for Imperial Porcelain Manufacture and Elena Nenastina, sculpture by Venera Abdullina, Alfiz Sabirov and Yuriy Firsov, paintings by Roman Lyapin, Andrey Belle, Bato Dugarzhapov, Latif Kazbekov, Alexander Kondurov, collective stands of African artists and Rahvusvaheline Kunsti Laboratoorium from Estonia, leather art pieces by Jan Brabeneс (Czech Republic), copper by Malkhaz Imedoshvili (Georgia), clay by Elena Antonova, silk painting by Zhamso Ochirov (Israel), antiques of France Vintage Antic and Bospor, as well as works from collections of about 30 galleries, among which there are Form & Bronze, Kasugai, "Master" and the others.

The exhibition also invites to visit the festival of non-conformism art by Art-center "Pushkinskaya-10" and artifact zone of popular and geek culture ARTEFAKT.

In fact, spectators will be able to visit 300 personal exhibitions in one space. Exhibition sites will occupy 13 000 sq.m. and each guest will be able to find what will be interesting for him/her. This will be the first grand event in Saint Petersburg of such magnitude.

It is hard to count all the great people who had once come to the cultural capital of Russia from all around. There is such a big number of them. The time has come for those who came to Saint Petersburg to live and work and those who is only dreaming of that to come to be announced.

All the works will be on sale with prices varying from 5 000 to 1 000 000 rubles.

Where: ExpoForum, Saint Petersburg

When: February 15-23, 2020

More info at https://ponaehali.spb.ru/

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