• Ira Bliznets

New space for people to enjoy the sea sight - "Sevkabel"

One of the most attractive Saint Petersburg social spaces appeared on the city map about two years ago. “Sevkabel Port” is another project of reconstruction and reorganization of industrial area previously occupied by historic buildings of first Russian cable factory built by world famous German company Siemens & Halske at the edge of Vasilyevsky Island. Today it is popular not only for a spectacular open access to The Gulf of Finland but also for numerous city events and leisure spaces open daily for public. Besides this winter made the area well-heard for a widely-announced entertaining project - “Skating rink by the sea” that offered various groups and categories of visitors the joy of seasonal fun - from amateurs to ice-skating lovers.

The “Sevkabel Port” is still in the process of reconstruction to get even more from the magnetic industrial shore zone and make it even a bigger space for large-scale events. Built back in 1879 Northern Cable factory improved its equipment and does need as much space as it used before. All of it was moved to newly-constructed more compact buildings to improve the factory’s work leaving behind amazing buildings of various époques - from 19th century to outstanding architectural monuments of Russian modernism. With the rise of urban growth the industrial constructions with big spaces, high ceilings and huge windows started turning into modern clusters open for festivals, museums, exhibitions or markets to be organized.

There are already particular plans announced for rebranding of the space on Kozhevennaya lane: observation deck with transparent wall, food courts and Arctic museum. There will even be apartments available for rent in the future.

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