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Must-visit for music lovers in Saint Petersburg

Planning your trip to Saint Petersburg you should keep several things in mind - the northern capital of Russia offers anything anyone would ever wish for. But it is the cultural capital so coming for the first time make sure you get aquainted with its culture. Russian musical traditions are well-known quite everywhere around the world. Not only authentic folk music but also classical Russian music stands out. You've sure heard of Tchaikovskiy, Musorgskiy, Rimskiy-Korsakov and others. Russian musicians frequently win the world-prizes for amazing perfomance.

Everything said above should definitely ensure you to come to State Academic Capella located in the very heart of Saint Petersburg right across the Singing bridge from Palace square. Capella is the oldest professional music establishment that focused its activities on foundation and development of Russian professional music culture. This was the place to steadily initiate all the basic directions of music playing and musical education.

There are several options for the visit. The first one is the easiest - you might choose it for your evening leisure to enjoy beautiful music played by Capella choir or its own Symphony orchestra. This unique establishment also hosts one of the most famous organs that you can also enjoy. If you have a big group or team you are travelling with you might even have a concert organized especially for your group.

Second option might give you a very special chance to see the backstage of music playing and studying - you can visit it with a tour. You will be taken to the secret spaces of the music temple to enjoy the magic of backstage.

If any of you or your friends are thinking about some special event - elegant and modest wedding, or very special sophisticated birthday, or outstanding going out with your friends or only two of you - the Royal Lodge with its own entrance and beatiful hall for most memorable pictures, champane and friendly chat might be the right option for visit to Capella.

Whatever you might choose, do not hesitate to contact us at beregspbinfo@gmail.com

We will be happy to make this musical adventure enjoyable for you!

At the end - movie about Capella and its architect Leontius Benoit. It is in Russian so you can enjoy the music of our language and take a look at the beauty of Saint Petersburg.

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