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Holodets, zalivnoye, stooden’ - another weird Russian dish

This dish (recipe is given below) with different names but unique common taste, texture and essence is one of the most favorite delicacies of any Russian family, each of which has its own generation-to-generation recipe. A woman who knows how to cook it deserves special respect. It takes time, patience but this feast ‘must have’ is worth it! Beside, it will sure warm you up in cold season!

I should be honest to say that being a child I would avoid even trying it - some weird salty jelly with pieces of meat and carrots in it. But any single festival and holiday was always celebrated with a bowl or two of it. I’ve changed my mind, especially for collagen that holodets is so rich with! Well, age... ))

It’s not the easiest dish of Russian cuisine to cook (though many cultures have similar dishes) but its advantages have already been proven numerous times. The fact it survived through ages leaves no doubt you should try it at least once! 

Holodets is a very old dish with rich history. Many cook books from older times call it “tsars’ delicacy”. This royal dish may be cooked with the use of one kind of meat (e.g. pork, beef or chicken), but you might also try the assorted one combining various kinds and pieces of meat. One general rule for the dish is that one should use the meat parts rich with collagen - legs, tails, lips, knuckles, ears (for the one with chicken - paws and wings). This is what makes the broth thick and jelly that curdles easily. But these parts don’t have much meat on them so you should add some flesh parts along with the others (that might also be tongue, neck etc). If you only take pork the dish will be less transparent and dull so better combine it with some other meat. 


700 gr of pork or beef legs  

500 gr beef shank  

1 kilo of beef meat

1 big onion

1 average carrot

2 bay leaves

5 peppercorns

2-3 garlic cloves


Chop legs into smaller parts. Put them together with shank and meat into a bowl filled with cold water. Leave for 2 hours, then drain the water.

Put the legs, meat and shank into big casserole, add cold water to cover them and cook on low heat for 3 hours. Don't forget to take the froth away. Add salt to taste and cook 2 more hours till it's ready (meat, skin etc should easily come apart from bones and each other). 30-40 minutes before it's done add peeled onion, carrot and pepper. 10 minutes before removing from heat add bay leaves.

Take all the meat parts from the broth. Through onion and spices away, add finely chopped or crushed garlic to the broth. Then strain the broth and put it aside. Separate meat from bones and cut it into pieces not smaller than 1 cm.

Cut the carrot removed from broth in circles, put them at the bottom of your holodets pan (bowl or sth like that), then put meet and add broth. Let it stay in fridge for about 4 hours till it curdles. Then take out of the pan, serve with mustard or horseradish. Enjoy!

Or if you feel it is too complicated - come to visit and we will take you to the best places where they serve this wonderful dish!

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