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Artists' Village - open workshops of Saint Petersburg artists

A visit to Russian artist will sure make your trip to Russia unique and special!

If you are not a museum person but you still are coming to Saint Petersburg which is the cultural capital of Russia - there is an amazing alternative of meeting live artists to listen to their stories of fun artists' living in Russia. The workshops are open for public once a year. That allows people be updated on artists' life and creative work annually. But thanks to many of them are our friends we still invite you to organize private visits to creative labarotories of actual contemporary masters of Russian art - those are painters, sculptors, smiths, ceramists, cartoon-makers etc.

In the very beginning of XXth century the datcha suburbs of Saint Petersburg - Shuvalovo, Ozerki, Kolomyaghi - managed to become the cultural environment for such creative masters as Alexander Block (Russian poet), Fyodor Shalyapin (opera singer), Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin (artist and painter) and many other famous people. In 1980s this place became location for artists to escape from city routine and bastle to preserve historic wooden houses from being ruined turning them into artistic workshops.

In 1990s there has been artistic union "Ozerki" ("Lakes") created. Within its activities there have been international conferences on sculpture and pottery conducted, exhibitions like "Indian Summer", "Shrovetide" open, the galleries and cinema are functioning.Among its members are Dmitry Kaminker, Leonid Kolibaba, Lev Smorgon, Boris Kazakov, Alexey Vasilyev, Alexander Pozin, Marina Spivak and many other famous artists.

Today it is a big and significant part of cultural life of Saint Petersburg supported by Committee of Culture of the city.

Make sure to plan your artistic trip in advance - contact us to arrange it especially for you!

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