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Entire life around the world

The State Russian museum announced a new exhibition that will introduce an outstanding person, brave voyager and fearless adventurer Fyodor Konyukhov to the audience as a professional artist. Today he is well-known as courageous explorer who set numerous world records, sailing the oceans, floating in the air to unbelievable achievements in aeronautics, crossing the polar expanses and reaching the picks of highest mountains. But there are not too many people to know that after graduating from Bobrujsk Art College Fyodor Konykhov became a member of Artists Union of USSR in 1983. Since 1996 he is an acting member of Moscow Union of Artists. He was also awarded with Golden Medal of Russian Academy of Art.

Out of more than 3 000 his works of art there will be only 50 on display that will demonstrate his very special artistic images and impressions. Most of them are brought from his numerous expeditions. On the way to Northern and Southern Poles, while climbing up to Everest top, Fyodor Konyukhov would make drawings and sketches no matter what weather conditions would be around. While sailing his boat around the world he would be working on his paintings. And after getting back to Moscow he gathered them into one traveling impression and created etching works, lithographies, paintings.

At the moment he is rowing his paddle boat to the Cape Horn, but he is hoping to end another stage of his expedition and be able to get on time to the Mikhailovskiy Castle to the opening of his exhibition at The Russian Museum on March 28, 2019.

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