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New architectural dominant in Saint Petersburg - Lakhta Center

Lakhta Center is a multifunctional complex in Saint Petersburg on the shore of Gulf of Finland with Gasprom headquarters located there along with public spaces that will occupy one third of all space: open-air amphitheater, pedestrian embankment, observation deck, transformable concert hall, scientific-educational center with planetarium for kids, panoramic restaurants and galleries, shops, medical and sport centers. The construction was over in 2018. At the present time they work on business and public zones' equipment. The Grand Opening is planned in about a year when complex will be completely ready to invite visitors.

Lakhta Center can easily be called a new Petersburg sightseeing. Every guest should definitely visit the observing deck of The Center to see the city from the height of the clouds. The architects guarantee unforgettable impressions. The observing deck with panoramic windows and 360-degrees viewing angle is located at the hight of 360 meters. This is the highest observing deck in Europe. One can get up the hight in high-speed elevators.

The star trip is a new petersburg excursion for the tourists of all ages. Planetarium in Lakhta Center is supermodern with intellectual system of optical and computer equipment. The 16-meters cupola screen and 3D projections will allow to see almost all the mysteries of the universe. The visitors will be able to walk on the surface of Mars, watch the Northern lights, participate in space show.

The amateurs of "high" cuisine (in all terms) there will be the double deckers panoramic restaurant on the 75 and 76 floors of The Center at the height of 315 meters. This is the highest panoramic restaurant in Europe. Taking into consideration the typical weather in Saint Petersburg there is more likely to have a change to dine above clouds - a truly romantic option for a very special dinner.

Seasonal water routs along rivers and canals of Northern Venice are also considered by Lakhta Center. Tourists will be invited to the only open-air amphitheater in Saint Petersburg. It is shaped as a coliseum and faces the water so that Gulf of Finland may become a stage for water shows.

There are many more attractions and activities to be offered for the visitors. And there is not much time left till its opening. Till then they made a huge city decoration of of the central tower. So for the New Year celebration Lakta Center became the biggest pine-tree in the city.



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