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Secrets of Peterhof Fountains

Peterhof is a very special place for both foreign tourists as well as for Russian visitors either coming here for the first time or being frequent guest at the former emperor’s residence. There is always something interesting to learn about the place. There are also well-known attractions to enjoy. But the scientific work of studying this place is still going, the renovation and restoration continue to amaze visitors with newly reconstructed beauty of the museum-reserve.

For this reason Peterhof publishes the news quite often. And we find them very attractive and interesting cause they will sure enrich your trip to this world-famous man-made treasure of architecture, gardening, decoration etc.

One of the recently offered excursion route invites tourists to explore The Secrets of Peterhof Fountains. It reveals the secrets of engineering used for construction of unique hydrotechnic invention of 18-19th centuries - the fountain water conduit. It gives full view of main principles of work of Peterhof fountain system.

Excursion starts at the Fountain museum with demonstration of historic exhibits and artifacts along with multimedia show. The interactive map of Peterhof plumbing and all the stages of its construction and improvement starting from the times of Peter I.

The tourist route includes a visit to the grottos of Grand Cascade where guests are offered to enjoy an exclusive trip around the Cascade’s caves following the tubes that carry water to the famous fountains.

A walk around Lower Park gives an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of cascades and various fountains that can be totally considered to be Peterhof’s soul. There will also be a chance to explore the secrets of tricky fountains and unique mechanical fountains of 18th century that still amaze with their endless fantasy, mastery and craftsmanship of the creators.

Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothes!

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