• Ira Bliznets

What is this blog about?

Dear friends,

This blog is only in the very beginning of its life so it is quite important to understand what it is about. First of all we needed to decide who it was meant for. And we realized that we love our city and we want to show its guests as much as possible and tell about Saint Petersburg even more than we can within a short tour. And we also wanted those who want to come to Russia or is not sure about it yet to help organize and plan their trip, find out the specific and learn something new before coming.

To make this communication more effective we would kindly ask you to tell us what you might be interested in - please, write us at beregspbinfo@gmail.com and we will find any information for you.

For now we are thinking about the following categories at our blog:

- Events in Saint Petersburg - we will do our best to tell you about the most interesting events to Happen in Northern Capital of Russia

- Russian Food - will help you avoid getting lost in the Russian menu

- Russian Mood and Saint Petersburg Feel - there are many specific things about Russians, but Saint Petersburg citizens have even more typical features that might be interesting to know about

- History of St Petersburg - though Saint Petersburg is only a bit more than 300 years old it has rich interesting history that is being scripted even in the present time

- Interesting facts about Saint Petersburg - interesting things that could not be categorized :)

We would be happy to be interesting and useful for you! And would love to hear back from you! Enjoy!

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