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Run and Bike Marathon on Saint Petersburg Picturesque Highway

Saint Petersburg Marathon #zsdfest

In the evening of June 2, 2018 the Western Speed Diameter (ZSD - Zapadny Skorostnoj Diametr in Russian) will be closed for transport to let the runners and bike riders participate in the very first highway marathon in Saint Petersburg.

The start point will be located at the hypermarket "O'Key" on Bogatirskiy prospect, 42. The runners will be offered a 10-kilometers long distance, bicycle riders - 20 km route.

Marathon is meant to be not just a sport event but also art performance. Bright clothing elements, decorated bicycles, colorful participants' t-shirts will help to create the effect of colorful wave running along the central part of ZSD to brighten up the highway at white nights. By the road there will be the festival zone arranged for spectators to watch the marathon broadcasting. Besides the entertainments and various workshops will be organized along with lectures of famous sport trainers. For the youngest visitors there will be school of road rules and short bike route arranged.

To participate in the event the registration is needed. It will soon be available on the official event web-site: http://zsdfest.ru. Access to the Festival Space will be free of charge.

#zsdfest marathon in Saint Petersburg

#zsdfest #SaintPetersburgMarathon2018 #WesternSpeedDiameter #runandbikemarathoninRussia

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