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Peterhof fountains on-line - don't miss the show!

Peterhof Fountains

Today, on April 28 at 11:00 AM the Peterhof fountains were launched for the new 2018 Summer season. Museum complex is open for visitors all year round but fountains make this place very special the way it was meant to be by its founder Peter the Great. Northern Versailles comes alive with Grand Cascade of Samson Fountain waking up. This sure is something special to have a look at. But don't worry if you missed the very moment. The grand show is still coming.

Spring Fountain Festival in Peterhof

On May 19 at 13:00 (Moscow time) there will be the Spring Fountain Festival conducted at the Grand Cascade that will traditionally open the Summer season at the State Museum-Reserve "Peterhof". The ceremony will be dedicated to 100th anniversary of museum life of Russian emperors' Saint Petersburg suburb residences.

The colorful show named "Palace Saga" will combine multimedia technologies and spectacular theatre action. Centenary history of suburb residences told on behalf of art historian A. Benois will be presented in 8 scenes: "Balls in Palaces", "Revolution", "Palaces - to people", "Parks of culture and recreation", "War", "Renaissance", "Centers of attraction", "Palace festivals".

Multimedia Show in Peterhof

The scenes of emperors' balls will take the spectators back to pre-revolutionary atmosphere. The propaganda posters stretched above the Grand Cascade will remind about crucial changes that occurred in the palaces in the beginning of 20th century. The spectators will find out how the emperors' residences turned into parks of leisure and recreation of soviet citizens where sport mini-parades, meetings of aviation modeling engineers and pioneer rallies took place. There will be the cadres of ruined palaces demonstrated telling the story of war drama. The viewers will also see the symbol of revived Peterhof - chronicle of Samson transportation along Nevsky prospect back in 1947. Contemporary history of residences will be embodied in musical fragments dedicated to famous festivals of museum-reserves: Fashion Festival, Flower Festival, Music Night and Fountain Festival.

Grand Cascade in Peterhof

This will be the very first time when the show will be spread beyond the Grand Cascade - the internet virtual bridge will connect all the four emperors' residences in this special year. The whole ceremony will traditionally be closed by fireworks over the Grand Peterhof Palace.

And the most important thing to know is that you may always visit Peterhof virtually and enjoy the show on your computer/phone screen. The 24-hour broadcast from on-line camera allows you to watch the Grand Cascade in comfort. http://peterhofmuseum.ru/open/

Though it will never compare the the live visit!

Peterhof Fountains

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