• Ira Bliznets

On a board around rivers and canals of Saint Petersburg

It might seem that Saint Petersburg is a very conservative classical city with rich traditions and strict rules of politeness. Well, we will not deny, it is so. But! Saint Petersburg is the place where one either becomes creative or dies of boredom caused by our rainy weather. Most of our citizens and people who choose this city for living prefer the first option. The city is the birth place of Russian Avant-garde, musical underground, Russian rock and many other alternative phenomena.

The unusual way of exploring Petersburg from water was not invented here. But this culture brought from some warmer places was adapted for our rough weather conditions. So who are those people on the boards with a paddle floating around risking to get wet but looking so happy and what are they doing by the Peter and Paul Fortress or in Griboyedova Canal? Those are SUP-surfers that claim one needs only 15 minutes of instructions to get started. SUP is abbreviating for Stand-Up-Paddle meaning this is a kind of activity that supposes balancing and basic skills of swimming in case of falling from the board (which is very unlike to happen).

Today there are several SUP-schools in Saint Petersburg that offer equipment and hydro costumes for rent and provide training and instructions. So if you are looking for something special to make your visit to Northern Venice truly outstanding try out Sup-surfing! Need help with arranging a trip? Don’t hesitate to let us know!

By the way, SUP-surfing has no age limits (but a kid needs to stand and be able to listen and learn and be accompanied by parents) nor season/weather limits (just make sure you are appropriately dressed – a trainers will give recommendations on that). Go out to try something new!

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