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Ice gone - navigation and open bridges season begins!

Photo: Atoyanalex. April in Saint Petersburg

The ice is almost gone from Neva river and canals of Saint Petersburg right on time to let the navigation be started as it was planned on April 10th. Besides, tomorrow is the day when fun begins - get home before the bridges open or party all night long on the other side enjoying amazing view of ships sailing by.

This winter of 2017/2018 has given us pretty much of everything - mild weather in December with traditional rain, enough snow and beautiful icicles, and - most spectacular attraction of the season - frozen rivers and canals that citizens and city guests enjoyed walking along and across. We should warn you though - walking on the ice might be too exciting and too memorable as it sure became for a Brazilian tourist who was not lucky enough to try a winter ice water dip.

If you still want to plan your trip for next winter to see the whole city frozen we should note that it varies a lot from time to time. The period when Neva is covered with ice might last from 40 to 180 days. And February is traditionally the coldest time in Saint Petersburg. Or if you try to catch the debacle and ice floating, remember that it takes 3 to 5 days for ice to float away after it cracks. Oh, it's not only that. After about a week of clear water the Ladoga lake ice arrives and floats straight by Peter and Paul Fortress for about 8-10 days. Don't try to use the ice as water transport - sometimes it does not reach the city if the weather is too sunny.

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