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Avant-garde – to the people

B. Yermolayev. To Father. 1961. http://rusmuseum.ru

The new temporary exhibition “In search for contemporary style. Leningrad experience. Late 1950s – mid-1960s” was open today for public at Marble Palace, one of the branches of The State Russian Museum. It will be open for visitors till April 16 so don’t miss a chance to take a look at this amazing compilation of exhibits reflecting the époque of formation of style unity, conventional visual language and changes in the world of objects of so-called period of Thaw.

L. Smirnova. Set "Citron". 1964. Crystal http://rusmuseum.ru

All the objects of the exhibition originate from Leningrad. All of them together illustrate the notion “contemporary style” that was invented by mid-1950s. Contemporary style evolved in fine art, architecture, applied and decorative art. New understanding of form shaping was based on experience of soviet constructivism and international style, on thoughts of latest technologies of that time. Today historians call it Soviet Modernism.

V. Matykh. Behind the counter. 1960s. http://rusmuseum.ru

Contemporary style on the contrary to Stalinist Empire Style considered accessibility and affordability. The old avant-garde slogan “art – to the people” turned into a more modest and humble one – art – into every house.

This exhibition is very special for Saint Petersburg (Leningrad in 1924 – 1991) as this was the place where local tradition was about perception of classical modernism in its various modifications - the students of avant-garde masters worked here, there existed quite professionally independent art manufactures and workshops as well as unofficial art groups. The exhibition is a great opportunity to dive into a very bright époque of Saint Petersburg life of mid-20th century that is still present in today’s life of its citizens – posters on the walls, imperial porcelain with very up-to-date design in people’s cupboards etc.

By the way, just a week ago, on February 23rd, we celebrated 140-year anniversary of Kazimir Malevich, farther of Russian Avant-Garde.

Pictures: rusmuseum.ru

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