Individual Saint Petersburg tour

Saint Petersburg is a very diverse city that can not be described in one word and can never be explored in just one day. It offers everything a traveller might ever look for - rich culture, beautiful architecture and environment, local specialities and world trends, shopping, diverse entertainment, much joy, entertainment and fun way to learn about Russian life, history and heritage.
Besides our basic tours we will be happy to offer you something very special that will fit your wishes and needs. That does not mean exclusive pricy offers. Even if you want to keep your budget reasonable and get best price for guided tour around most spectacular sights of Saint Petersburg you are welcome to write us directly!
You can choose parts of the basic tours. But, please, remember that there are so many out-of-tourist-routes sights are waiting for you to visit:
Kazan Cathedral (free of charge competitor of grand cathedrals of Saint Petersburg)
Smolny Cathedral (recently renovated baroque-style Cathedral)
St. Nicholas Cathedral (Naval Cathedral)
New Holland (one of the most trendy places for local)
Kronshtadt (marine suburb of Petersburg where Baltic navy is located)
You can always find more interesting less crowded places in Our blog.

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