Vilnius, Lithuania

My acquaintance with Saint Petersburg happened in July 2017. We came to have our tour along with 35 people. Our excursion from the very first to the last day was organized perfectly well. Within 5 days we had seen most of the major sightseeings of the city. There was not a single minute wasted. Everything was planned on the highest level. The whole excursion we were accompanied by our guide Elena, amazing person and amazing guide, master of her profession. It is impossible to describe with words our impressions that we have after visiting this city. But they became even stronger when everything was conducted so professionally. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Simon and friends

Great Britain

I've always been fascinated by world history and to visit The Hermitage museum was definitely on my bucket list of things to do before I get old and die. I also had on the tour I'd booked the Amber Room and Catherine Palace to go and visit. These type of tourist places are always better to be visited with a guide as other wise you will not have a clue what you are looking at.

First trip was to visit the Hermitage museum where we met our guide Elena. One of the first things I noticed about her was that she seemed excited to be taking us to the Hermitage. She had been there hundreds of times possibly but she was still excited about the museum and she wanted to share this passion for Russian history with us. 

Another reason to go with a guide is the access they have to the different museums. On the day we went there were hundreds of people queuing to get inside , Elena took us to the side door showed her pass and hey presto we are in bypassing all the queues. We gained a couple of hours inside just by missing the queues. What a fascinating place the Hermitage museum proved to be. Elena has a very good knowledge of all the places she guided us that day. She was very warm, welcoming and very passionate. On the seldom occurrence she didn't know the answer to a question we might have ,she would ask some one and find out. She has a great working knowledge of the English language and makes you feel right at home. Having a guide really makes the experience come alive. She wasn't dull and boring. Her passion really shone through. I will definitely be going back to this city and will definitely use this company again to guide me round these fantastic places of Russian history.

A five star rating is not high enough for this company. They were exceptional.

Many thanks again


Melbourne, Australia

Its been a pleasure to have such a wonderful tour guide like Elena. She guided us in a day tour to Summer and Winter palace during our stay in St Petersburg. She is a really friendly and helpful lady. Her experiences in this area resulted a very good relationships with many officers in many tourist attractions, as a results Elena can serve us like VIP guests. With less queueing time, we can utilise our precious time to explore more on the Palace. I will definitely book her tour again for my next visit to St. Petersburg. For the tourist seeking for an adventure effectively and efficiently, I highly recommend you to book this tour.


Vilnius, Lithuania

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