One of the most attractive Saint Petersburg social spaces appeared on the city map about two years ago. “Sevkabel Port” is another project of reconstruction and reorganization of industrial area previously occupied by historic buildings of first Russian cable factory built by world famous German company Siemens & Halske at the edge of Vasilyevsky Island. Today it is popular not only for a spectacular open access to The Gulf of Finland but also for numerous...


The international music festival “Saint Petersburg Palaces” was initiated in 1990s and has already become one of the leading city music festivals hosted by the most beautiful historic sights and stages of the Northern Capital, palaces and theaters, open-air scenes.

The art director and the head of the festival is Maria Safariants, famous St. Petersburg violinist, honored artist of Russian Federation. Being a very talented and professional musician she is als...


A must for card players and unusual art lovers!

The innovative project Museum-Theatricals was launched in Peterhof on December 22, 2018. It is inviting visitors to enjoy the spectacle that carries on the idea of first and only museum in Russia fully dedicated to the playing cards as a specific type of art pieces and one of the people’s most favorite entertainments. The museum had been functioning in Peterhof since 2007 till 2017. The new exposition is now lo...


Music Night in Gatchina is one of the brightest, most memorable and unusual open-air concerts in Russia held in one of the most beautiful former imperial residences. Just for one night The White lake of historic park-reserve turns into huge stage, and its banks - onto audience hall with free sitting. The picturesque landscape decorations and classical music concert in romantic atmosphere of beautiful Gatchina park can sure become the highlight of your summe...


The State Russian museum announced a new exhibition that will introduce an outstanding person, brave voyager and fearless adventurer Fyodor Konyukhov to the audience as a professional artist. Today he is well-known as courageous explorer who set numerous world records, sailing the oceans, floating in the air to unbelievable achievements in aeronautics, crossing the polar expanses and reaching the picks of highest mountains. But there are not too many people...


I bet that there is hardly a person among my friends (from abroad Russia) who would tell me right away what Gatchina is. So let me remind you that it is a former emperor's residence, most-known for Paul I spending most of his life there training his soldiers. But! Today it is one of the most beautiful and entertaining suburbs of Saint Petersburg with a lot of interesting stuff to see. But, please, allow me to go few years back.

Several years ago I participat...


Russian vodka is not only an alcoholic drink but is a world cultural phenomenon. Many people take vodka as one of the basic elements of Russian everyday life, but we should be honest to say it is not. Though it is still one of the most popular drinks on Russian table whether it is set for a joyful celebration of birthday or wedding or sad commemoration of the dead.

The name of this Russian drink probably originates from Polish and is a diminutive word for wa...


It is impossible to imagine Russian cuisine without this delicate multicolored salad that seems to be a mixture of everything found in the fridge dressed with mayonnaise. This salad is a part of Russian history and is a true traditional symbol of New Year.

The beloved salad of millions of Russians carries its name after Lucien Olivier, French (some sources say Belgian) cook that moved to Russia for better life in the middle of 19th century. Coming to Moscow...


One might be surprised that this article is about New Year celebration, not Christmas. But yes, the first one is the top-celebrated festival of all, thanks to Soviet propaganda that meant to bring down all the Christian traditions and substitute them with the ideology of new time. The New Year celebration was also perfect to get rid of traditional gastronomic habits of orthodox society moving the date of changing years from September to January when Russian...


Lakhta Center is a multifunctional complex in Saint Petersburg on the shore of Gulf of Finland with Gasprom headquarters located there along with public spaces that will occupy one third of all space: open-air amphitheater, pedestrian embankment, observation deck, transformable concert hall, scientific-educational center with planetarium for kids, panoramic restaurants and galleries, shops, medical and sport centers. The construction was over in 2018. At th...

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