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Best offers for Saint Peterburg Winter and early Spring tours

City Sightseeing tour in warm and comfortable car with sights stops

for 49 euros per person

Hermitage museum tour with professional guide and no queues 

for 38 euros per person 

Full-day 6-hour city tour with major sightseeings - Hermitage museum and one of Grand Cathedrals

for 80 euros per person

17 hours tour in total - the best choice for

CRUISE SHIP passengers! And your trip will be as  impressive and joyful as possible!

Price includes:

Travelling to Saint Petersburg? With us!

Let me guess. You’ve been surfing in the Internet for a while searching for someone who will help you make your visit to St. Petersburg just perfect. You can stop now because YOU FOUND WHAT YOU NEED – US. No matter what St. Petersburg is yet for you we are here to make your trip the best you could ever think of.  

Saint Petersburg can offer you anything you might wish! And we strongly recommend to experience its special spirit taking a night boat trip, go to a Falk Show or enjoy world-famous Ballet or Opera! Transfer in on us!

Evening entertainment

A winter tour might include some seasonal attractions that will make your trip unforgettable:

- Troika ride around snowy parks;

- Dog sledging in wild nature;

- Traditional Banya session with unforgettable hot steam and icy cold treatment for your body;

- Russian traditional outdoor games;

- Snowmobile ride

and much more to see besides still amazingly beautiful palaces and museums.

Get off the ship and see as much as possible in Saint Petersburg and around in 27 hours!

Price includes:

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Saint Petersburg Tour
Simon and friends:

"A five star rating is not high enough for this company. They were exceptional."

Photo by Eduard Gordeev